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dalish-spectre asked:

Do you think that if one went to school for video game design/animation, that they would have a hard time finding viable employment in the industry after finishing their program? (Within Canada) Or if they were determined enough, they could find work


It’s possible they could if, as you say, they’re determined enough… but that’s not untrue for any post-secondary education. There is no degree of which I’m aware which is “insert degree, get job.” If you look on your education as a way to provide the skills you need to make yourself a more plausible candidate for development companies, you’ll be in a much better place than if you go in expecting to come out the other end having “earned” a development job.

I will say this: while employment opportunities within the game industry aren’t terrible in Canada, you’ll have a much easier time if you cast your net a little wider. I know there are some dev jobs which allow one to telecommute, but mostly that’s a myth, and your willingness/ability to pick up and go where the job is—and also apply at more companies than just the triple-A devs that fill your eyes with sparkles—will also very much add to your chances of success.

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